Global-Local Relations, Economic Reformation and Instabilities in Brazil: the Case of Porto Alegre

Jorge Alberto S. Machado (


Abstract: One of the key topics currently in Social Sciences is the impact of the globalization process on society, in its very different aspects. We begin from the point of view that the current globalization, showing a strong neo-liberal accent, especially with regard to the economic restructuring process imposed to Latin America, has carried out some social consequences for Brazil. In order to understand and seek causative interrelationships between the global-local relationship and taking into account the context of the economic reforms applied in the area in the nineties, we analyze the kind of association with regard to the socioeconomic changes happened in Brazil, considering as a case study the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre.

Key words: Globalization, Global-Local, Economic Reforms, Latin America, Brazil, Porto Alegre.


Chapter of the book "Local Reactions to Globalization Processes. Competitive Adaptation or Socioeconomic Erosion", Francisco Entrena (org.), Nova Science Publishers, New York, forthcoming (2002).