Trends of the New Role of the Local: Disjunctures and Contradictions in the Global Network

By Jorge A. S. Machado (


According to the socio-political transformations happened in the last two decades, this work is focused on analyzing and discussing the trends of the global-local relationship at present. In this period, the constitution of a complex relation has been observed among local changes and certain transformations in global fields with implications in all the dimensions of the social life. From the point of view considered here, this relation is associated to the own globalization of the production, consumption and distribution relations and its consequences. In this context, we start from the assumption that the global market, increasingly interdependent and interconnected, has given rise to a new kind of relation between the local and the global, in which the external instabilities had repercussions, in an asymmetrical way, more directly on some parts of the network than on others. This is because a structural disjunction was caused with regard to the controls of the flows, notoriously centered on few local environments and conditioned by economic and political factors.

Key words: global-local, networks, globalization, market, local development.